WWII posters were commissioned during WWII by branches of the United States Government. Some of these branches include the armed forces, recruiting bureaus, and the United States Treasury. This is only a select few of branches that used posters to get their point across during the war. Almost all authentic World War II posters are patriotic in nature. The intention of the posters was to stir up pro-American feelings, and help convince citizens to support the War movement.  Today, some of the top posters from this era are still highly recognizable and sought after by collectors.


WWII-postersBuying WWII Posters

Buying World War II posters can be difficult if you don’t know what to buy.  There are hundreds if not thousands of variations that exist today but most are not in good condition.  This can have a dramatic effect on their value.  If you are looking to purchase a poster as an investment you have to look for ones in premium condition with minimal restoration.  In many cases authentic WWII posters can sell for thousands of dollars.  The key is to know which ones have been restored and how much of the poster has been altered.

In some cases WWII posters have been reprinted and then altered to show to look like originals.  These items are placed in different chemicals and materials to make them look older than they really are.  Do not be fooled by these tactics.


Vintage WWII Poster Restoration

If you own a vintage WWII poster and it is not in great condition you may want to consider having it restored.  Poster restoration is not for amateurs. It is a detailed process that takes time.  There are various companies that offer poster restoration and most charge by the hour.  Quotes are easy to get and may be a profitable endeavor if you have a unique WWII poster that needs minimal restoration.

The value of WWII posters will continue to rise in the future as they get harder and harder to find in good condition.  These items are wonderful investments and a great way to remember an important period in America’s history.