A lot of controversy lies within the production of the upcoming movie “Zero Dark Thirty”.  The movie encountered criticism when rumors surfaced that director Kathryn Bigelow and the movie’s screenwriter, Marl Boal were given classified information.  The Judicial Watch reported that Bigelow and Boal received unprecedented CIA access to top-level, classified information in order to create the movie, which is based on the true story of the US Navy SEALs DEVGRU teams hunt, and ultimately the killing of Osama bin Laden.

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Additional reports from the Freedom of Information Act state that the two were also permitted to meet and speak with the Operator and Commander of the SEAL Team Six who was instrumental in planning and executing the Osama bin Laden mission, known as Operation Neptune Spear.  The identity of someone who is instrumental in such a top-secret mission generally remains top-secret.   A transcription of the meeting state that it was requested Bigelow and Boal not to reveal the name, as he is well aware of what he can divulge and what he cannot.  Maintaining the secrecy of his identify – the transcripts further state – will assist him with being open and meeting the needs of Bigalow and Boal.


Response from the White House National Security Council

Mr. Tommy Vietor, the White House National Security Council spokesman, provided a statement to the Huff Post Politics in which he emphasized the White House always do their best to accommodate any request to speak with administrative officials to gain accurate information being obtained for specific projects.  He further stated they do their absolute best to also ensure the facts they receive are accurate and that classified information is not discussed.  He concluded by saying that the information provided regarding the President’s involvement in the decision making process of the mission, Operation Neptune Spear, was identical to the information they previously provided to the White House press corps.


Filming of Zero Dark Thirty

The movie was filmed in Chandigarh, India, but when the set required a Pakistani look in order to reflect the Lahore and Abbottabad, where Osama bin Laden was ultimately located and killed in May of 2011, local Hindus reportedly protested.  The role of Osama bin Laden is being played by British actor Ricky Sekhon.  Sekhon is reportedly tight lipped about his role do to a non-disclosure agreement.


Zero Dark Thirty is scheduled to be released the end of this year (December 19th).


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